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Welcome to Mirror Image Translations, LLC, an Atlanta based Translation Company dedicated to providing professional and reliable French to English translation services.

Why pay for professional translation services?

The significant increase in international trade over recent decades has exposed the importance of efficient multilingual communication to businesses, governments, organizations and individuals around the world.  Fostering proficient multilingual communication removes some of the largest obstacles in establishing and maintaining a successful international corporation. Mirror Image Translations understands the impact of effective multilingual communication in this fast-growing global economy and is wholly committed to providing its customers with exceptional translations at a competitive price point in a timely manner.


Not only does Mirror Image Translations have experience with an extensive assortment of generalized texts in addition to official, governmental, and legal documents, but Mirror Image Translations specializes in International trade, transportation and compliance. For more detailed information regarding translation specializations, click here.

Why Mirror Image Translations?

Customers around the world can depend on Mirror Image Translations to efficiently and consistently deliver translations of the highest caliber.  For more information about Mirror Image Translations, click here.



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Countervailing Duty

Countervailing duty is a tariff the U.S. government imposes on certain exports that received grants or subsidies from their government to promote export in their own country. Countervailing duties and Anti-Dumping Duties are both protective measures to insure market competitiveness.