Today, translators and interpreters around the world are celebrating International Translation Day. The International Federation of Translators has published some very eloquent words on this subject, which I would like to share below:

                  Connecting Worlds

              The world of the translator and the world of the interpreter are two professions dedicated to one goal: facilitating communication between people. As the world                 becomes more integrated, fostering understanding between the multitude of speakers is more critical than ever. Whether it is in writing or in speech.                                     Interpreters and translators are at the junction point that impacts the development of business, science, medicine, technology, international law, politics and a                   host of other areas. We provide the ability for each of these worlds to learn from each other to the benefit of society as a whole. The role of translators and                              interpreters in connecting worlds is to open up the whole world to all of us.

I would like to wish all of my colleagues around the world a very happy International Translation Day as we continue our important job of connecting worlds.