I translate French documents into English. I specialize in business, finance, legal, and general translations. I have translated the annual reports of hundreds of multi-billion euro French conglomerates.

Editing and Proofreading

I offer editing and proofreading services for French to English translations. These services include verifying translation accuracy, checking English grammar/syntax, ensuring consistency, terminology checks, and more.

Transcreation and Localization

I can help your company translate marketing materials to make the largest possible impact in the United States, including choosing appropriate images.

Why Choose Mirror Image Translations, LLC?

As a full-time professional translator, my customers’ satisfaction is paramount. That is why I always take the following elements into consideration for every project:


I translate every project meticulously and review every translation at least twice prior to delivery.


I fully understand that deadlines are an absolute requirement, not a friendly suggestion. I do not accept projects with deadlines I am not confident I can meet. I never miss a deadline.


In my line of work, maintaining confidentiality is vital. This is especially so with financial translation. I keep my customers’ documents in strict confidence and I have the latest security measures installed on my computer.

Corporate Culture

Every company has a distinct voice and corporate culture. I work with my clients to ensure that I accurately convey their own voice and corporate culture in my translations.


I maintain the utmost professionalism for every project. This includes keeping an open line of communication with my customers throughout every stage of the project and adhering to a strict and formal work flow and quality assurance process for every project, no matter how big or small.

Customer Satisfaction

My end goal for every project is to ensure customer satisfaction, no exceptions. That is why open communication up front is vital for every project. Having discussions in advance regarding preferred terminology, past translation work, preferred writing style, etc. helps me meet this goal for every project.